BL600 Series Li-ion Fast Chargers

• 100-250 Vac Universal Input
• Polycarbonate Enclosure Desktop Style
• Optimizes Li-ion/Polymer Battery Life
• Automatic Constant Current & Constant Voltage
• Single Color 2LED Indicators
• Meets Safety Agency Requirements
• Complies with EMI/RFI Regulations
• Private Label Marking Available
• Modified and Custom Designs Also Available

ModelNumber of CellsThermistor RequiredFast Charge Voltage [V]Fast Charge Current [A]Cut-off Current [A]Maximum Watts [W]
BL600-X-02-170-XXXXX2YES / NO8.401.700.176.30
BL600-X-03-140-XXXXX3YES / NO12.601.400.1412.60
BL600-X-04-100-XXXXX4YES / NO16.801.000.1015.12
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