DJV (Dejavu) RDTA By Adrian Lo Dejavu Reviewed: Well, Hey All Beautiful!

DJV (Dejavu) RDTA By Adrian Lo Dejavu Reviewed: Well, Hey All Beautiful!

Introduction – The DJV RDTA By Adrian Lo Dejavu

Whenever my huge DJV (Dejavu) RDTA box arrived in the mail and I also searched the printing for information on whom designed it, we immediately respected the title Adrian Lo Dejavu…only, much less a vaping brand but as a favorite Asian YouTube reviewer, with 31K customers. Not merely are their reviews funny, they’re also really insightful and informative.

Well, one understand this RDTA and I also is able to see he understands their stuff, it is a looker and that’s without a doubt. Now it is time and energy to observe how it develops and just how it vapes. It isn’t the very first reviewer created bit of gear I’ve looked over recently. The Digiflavor Aura RDA, that was maybe not half bad, had been created by DJLSB Vapes, additionally a YouTuber.

Nevertheless, the DJV has a act that is tough follow, I’ve been glued to my iJoy Combo RDTA 2 for two months now and I’m afraid my requirements have already been raised with regards to RDTAs.

I’ll be searching closely at those small things which frequently irritate us in RDTA’s, wicking problems, dripping, sick installed components and irritating o-rings. We now understand that it is feasible to locate an RDTA that provides none of those frustrations and vapes like a dream and I’m sincerely hopeful that the DJV from Adrian Lo Dejavu can match.

What’s Into The Box


Construction & Design

Well, my very first impression on receipt for the black colored DJV package had been I wonder what’s in there that it’s huge…

I start the external cardboard field to show a 15 x 10 cm camouflage zipper pouch of the identical type you will get your Coilmaster Kit in, just this one’s with a woven nylon finish…very nice.

In the pouch, nicely arranged in cushioning, I discover the deconstructed RDTA along side some really substantial add-ons. It is clear in my opinion that Adrian has gone out to wow.

We quickly put the RDTA together, it is in three parts: the bottom with tank and deck connected, the barrel plus the cap that is top drip tip. It really is gorgeous to behold.

We have the version that is black there’s also a stainless variation available. Working up from the base we see a rather beefy, adjustable, gold plated 510 pin while the base that is 24mm emblazoned with a few information regarding the company.

Your body is aluminum that is black metal and glass in the black colored variation (stainless in the metal version, haha) while the matte black colored finish appears outstanding.

The slim, 1.5mm, 24 mm base that is black a fine grip texturing that, on close assessment, actually appears great.

Above that we see a tiny, 2mm tank even though Adrian Lo Dejavu did this to shorten the RDTA, I’m definitely not into cutting capacity simply for appearance, I’d have liked this tank become larger for certain.

Over the tank we see a grey colored band which boasts double, 1cm long and very nearly 3mm wide, fixed airflow slots with notching on the airflow slots that really works to ensure your barrel is changed within the position that is right.

Those airflow slots available out into two huge inlets that are circular using your coils.

Now, in regards time for you to build or clean, and you’ll want to eliminate the base through the deck and take away your pyrex (to complete your wicking or swap out)…bear this at heart: the beds base unscrews via REVERSED threading so grab the pyrex and unscrew the beds base THE WRONG METHOD!

I adore this reverse threading information because it means you’ll never get the base stuck and your juice everywhere whenever you go to unscrew your RDTA from your own mod.

The matte black colored barrel widens down by 1mm above that bottom airflow degree and it has an enormous, silver DJV with a framework around it engraved on either part.

The barrel features a twin, adjustable part airflow system (modified with a twist associated with top limit) that is made of two cross facing triangular cut outs on either part, the edges for the triangles are almost 2mm long.